How To Write A Descriptive Essay About The Beach

August 10, 2018

Essay About The Beach

The beach is very relevant nowadays, for many people try to get rest and escape the everyday problems that bother them. It is possible with the help of research related to beach and SPA resorts. Some people try to solve the issue of taking rest when traveling to UAE or Turkey, and others prefer to take a rest in Bulgaria, the Greek islands or Cyprus. Actual prices may vary from country, and even seasonal resorts in Hawaii may satisfy beach lovers. What may be better in this life than wearing flower wreaths and dancing on Hawaii beach with your beloved ones? Truly, it would be better to take the step to change your living conditions and try a new road to successful traveling experience.

How to Start an Essay

In order to start an essay on the beach topic, it would be good to praise pros and evaluate the cons of this type of rest. Therefore, it is great to start an essay with a top-notch introduction, in which to formulate a structured argument that is relevant to the topic. Prior to the formulation of the argument, it is essential to study the whole amount of the information that may bring actual data on this topic. As in relevance to the beach rest, it would be good to take notice towards both theoretical and practical information on the topic.

It is essential to address the following questions:

  • Why beach rest is popular nowadays?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the beach rest?
  • Is it worth traveling the other country abroad for the beach rest?
  • Can beach rest be dangerous of the underage persons?
  • Is it needed to learn to swim prior to the beach rest?

To address these questions, it is essential to study the topic well. If it so, there is a good chance to cover it from different angles and points of view. It is required to represent the variety of opinions in an essay to make it clearer why you have chosen this topic.

Introduction Example

Beach rest is one of the most popular nowadays among people of the different ages and professions. People try to take rest far from the city lights and traffic outside of the noise in natural-like locations. Here on the beach, they can discover the momentary unity between themselves and nature. Water, sand, sun and cocktails may bring out even more in people that simply sitting in the city block building flat or studying some papers at the office. Specifically, for the officials, vacation is a very important period of time when they can relax to restore their creative potential for the new work amounts.

Many people adore the beach rest because it is cheap and does not require additional costs. However, some are not satisfied with the “California Dreaming” or beaches near Hollywood locations. No matter how rich people are, they have been trying to make a difference in life experience they’ve been living through. Therefore, they prefer to change the atmosphere from casual to the unique, unusual. In this context, this essay project aims to critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the beach rest, as related to the specific atmosphere that it brings to people’s life.

How to Write a Body of an Essay on This Topic

In order to write the top-notch body of the essay, it is needed to follow the main argument to prove it with specific examples. They will serve to highlight the specific samples of behavior that are relevant to the rest.

In reference to the “beach rest” topic, it would be positive to discover the main principles of why rest on the beach is important for people of different ages and in different locations. It would be relevant to mention that the beach is the place where people of unique living experiences and unique professions come together. They tend to create a unity of people, a community of people, irrespectively of their educational, professional and social status/background.

Body Paragraphs Example

Rest on the beach drives the unique opportunity for people to create a generalized community of individuals who are ready to share a common lifestyle. It is to show how rest is important even for city living lovers. For example, if you are an official representative of some well-known company in New York or even a participant of Wall Street trading, you will be in the highest risks for stress and social anxiety. Therefore, considering this fact, it is quite explicable that you would like to visit the beach to rest more and more in everyday life.

Beach rest unites people in different locations around the globe. People share the common opportunity to take part in this kind of rest, even if they want to give an affordable shot to make their rest dream come true.

And if you are in the position of some office clerk or a businessman, you would like to bring variances to the lifestyle you live. In many cases, you would like to buy a ticket to Hawaii and dance with a flower wreath around your neck near the fire. What a magnificent experience!

How to Conclude an Essay on This Topic

In the conclusion of the “beach” topic, it is essential to highlight the main points under discussion. In this part of the paper, it is needed to drive the most important things covered generally and particularly in this essay.

Conclusion Example

Beach rest is a very important rest experience that is generally available for people of different ages, incomes and locations. Irrespectively of their social status, people are more likely to enjoy rest on the beach if they are bored with staying in stuffy offices and city locations. Natural places are the most preferable for those who are aware of the fact that a natural lifestyle near water, sun and sand is worth living.