How To Write An Autobiography Essay About Yourself

August 10, 2018

Essay about Yourself

Normally, writing about oneself may look odd and embarrassing at the beginning. Personal essays, bio notes and cover letters about yourself often come with a range of specific tips and tricks that can make choosing content and style less intimidating. The sections that follow explore techniques that are accompanied by examples of how you can effectively write about yourself and make your essay stand out.

How to Start Writing an Essay about Yourself

There is nothing complicated concerning writing about yourself. However, if you don’t compose yourself, you’ll find it really tough since there is a lot about you have to sieve before writing your essay. In order to get started, ensure that you introduce yourself. You have many talents, skills and experiences to summarize in one or two paragraphs. Regardless of the kind of essay you intend to generate or your purpose of writing, simply think of what you’re doing as a first-time introduction to a stranger. Ask yourself what they need to know about you.

You will need to give the following as your answer:

  • Your name, age and residence
  • Your background

Introduction Example

My name is Mike Skirtel, and I am the first born in a family of four.  I was born on the 1st of August, 1995 in Ghana when my parents were doing missionary work in Africa. At the moment, we are living in Arizona, USA. I have had a happy life since my childhood since all along I have been living with my parents, and they have been taking care of all my needs. In addition, they have invested a lot of time and resources in my education and well-being. I mostly like being around my dad because he does a lot of things that I like including carrying out spiritual work,  playing football and helping other people. I have learned a lot from him, and for the last 15 years, he has taught me enough concerning being compassionate, honest, hardworking and diligent.

I began my studies in a missionary school called St. Anne’s in the capital of Ghana, Accra.  However, my parents were transferred back home after six years forcing to terminate my studies at my first school. I loved Ghana a lot. Most of the pupils St. Anne’s were foreigners with a few native children whose parents used to work at the mission schools and hospitals. Once every month, I could accompany my father to visit the locals in the villages where we could together participate in charity work. I liked the people there due to their simplicity and hospitality. I always promised myself that when I grow up, I would like to go back to Africa to do some humanitarian work.

How to Write a Body of an Essay about Yourself

In the body section, you will need to continue with most of the things that you were describing about yourself in the introduction section. You will need to explain how you completed your education and give more specifics about yourself. You can expound about what you like most regarding your family or friends.

Also, do not forget to talk about the following:

  • Your interests
  • Your talents
  • Your achievements
  • The challenges you have faced

In most cases, depending on the kind of personal essay that you’ll be writing, you’ll be guided by some specific guidelines. If you’re writing a cover letter, ensure that you dwell on subjects that are relevant to job or college application. On the other hand, normal personal writing will require you to tell your story using specific and real-life facts which highlight a specific idea or theme.

Body Paragraphs Example

After we returned to the United States, my parents couldn’t find a suitable school to take me, and as such, they sent me to stay with my grandparents who were living just some blocks away from our house. My grandfather was charged with the responsibility of homeschooling me in order to help me improve my writing and reading skills before I was ready to go to school. This also allowed my parents some time to continue with their work for another six months. Later on, after I had indicated signs of improvement in my academic work, I was sent to Charleston Academy for my junior high school and high school education. I graduated among the top five students and went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University.

All my life, I have admired being around adults, especially men. I love being taught things about adulthood and responsibility. I learned to play chess by watching my grandfather play with his neighbor in the evenings. My dad used to teach me how to play football over the weekends. As such, chess and football are the two things that I love doing the most in life besides reading. However, I’m an open-minded person, and I always like learning new things from other people.

My life may seem like a smooth journey with no obstacles. Well, it is true that I had the best upbringing someone can ever get, but I too have had my challenges. As a child, I had difficulty associating with other children because I couldn’t speak well. This made me very unlikeable, and as such, I spend most of my time indoors. Also, my inability to speak well had a lot of impact on my reading abilities and I was only able to read well after I joined my fourth grade. From there onwards, the only challenges I experienced were the usual ones that we all experience: late submission of assignments, failing some papers, being broke sometimes, etc.

My major achievements in life include being consistently at the top of my class when I was in 7th and 8th grade, winning the State of Arizona Chess Tournament in 2013 and being a student’s president in 2014. I expect to graduate from college towards the end of this year with first-class honors. Besides my graduation, I will be participating in a major nationwide chess tournament, and I hope I will emerge the best.

How to Conclude Personal Essay Writing

This is the parting-shot that you give your readership. If you were talking to a stranger, now they know you. You’ve said what is necessary, and there is no more need to give details. Just conclude your writing.

Conclusion Example

I am happy that my last 23 years have been great. I am grateful for what I have achieved, and I hope to achieve more after school. I also hope to go back to Africa and help people there have a better life.