How To Write An Essay About Immigration To America

August 16, 2018

Immigration To America

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Topic: Immigration to America

How to start an essay

Plan! Plan! Plan! This is the first stage of writing a successful clear and cohesive article. Once you have the subject, what you need is to brainstorm, do research and create the outline of your article to give your readers a perfect piece to read. Make sure you have a thesis statement which you must write in one single sentence in the introduction paragraph.

Introduction paragraph

The introduction should be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. This paragraph makes the entry point to your essay and gives your reader a general idea about your topic ‘Immigration to America.’

To grab the attention of the readers, use the following ideas:

Anecdote: this is a story that is used to illustrate a point. Make it short and ensure it is relevant to your topic.


“Immigration has gone on since time immemorial. America is what it is because of immigration; all inhabitants of America are products of immigration.”

Startling information: give factual information, not very new to the reader. Elaborate the shocking knowledge with a sentence or two.


“Illegal immigrants represent about 7% of the entire population of America. Currently, almost 20 million illegal immigrants are working in America.”

Summary information: pick a few sentences that explain your topic in general.


“Immigration has impacted America both positively and negatively.”

Make the attention grabber more elaborate by adding two or more sentences depending on the length of the essay. End the introduction paragraph with your thesis statement.

Body paragraphs

Body paragraph carries three or four sections. Each section must move one idea; explain, describe and argue the concept with supportive evidence from credible sources.

Begin your body paragraph stating your principal opinion in the form of a sentence. Talk of controlled immigration.


“Immigration in the controlled state has positive effects on the country’s economy.”

Write supporting points to the first main idea and elaborate your points. For lengthy essays, you can include a summary sentence of each paragraph.  Use transition signals correctly to create a smooth transition from sentence to sentence and from the section to the article. Make sure you have the same phrases on each body paragraph.

  • Point 1: Immigrants pay taxes from their businesses which helps boost the country’s GNP
  • Point 2: Immigration gives hope for individuals from cruel governments
  • Point 3: Immigration will slaughter the economy of America
  • Point 4: Immigrants strain the few resources available in America.

Body paragraph Example:

“Many people entered America thanks to the immigration policy. Immigration is good for the country in the controlled state.

“Immigrants have opened up multi-billion business ventures, and they pay tax to the government boosting the country’s GNP.”

“If immigration remains open, the country’s economy will be ruined. The social amenities will be strained, the workforce will be flooded, and the poverty level will be on the increase which forces the developed country might be more like the third world countries of the world. ”

This is a skeleton of what you need to build your body paragraph. Add facts, statistics, famous quotes and examples to make it more elaborate, clear and concise. Use credible sources and write according to the tutor’s instruction. Don’t forget to cite all sources used.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

The conclusion brings your piece to a closure. Like the introductory paragraph, the conclusion holds much importance, and you need to write it carefully. The section gives you a chance, to sum up, your points and provide a final perspective on the topic you are handling. The conclusion needs to be short and to the point, write three strong sentences to give a good ending to your essay. An anecdote can make your end more superb. Give a call to action or a recommendation.

Conclusion Example:

“To sum up, immigration is the best policy if controlled. America could not be the way it is today if there was no immigration. Though too much influx of immigrants to the country is poisonous to the country’s economy, I support controlled immigration not a complete stoppage.”

What has been giving is a simple guideline which will not make up to your required word count. Follow the instructions carefully, and you will have a compelling essay for your submission.