List Of Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

July 19, 2018

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

Best collection for those who are in search of interesting and original persuasive essay topics.

  1. Politics
  2. Sport
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Technologies
  5. Economy


  1. The planet plunge into global war.
  2. The fight against terrorism is carried out by cruel methods.
  3. Politicians speculate on patriotism.
  4. Politics is destructive under the guise of creation.
  5. National minorities do not want to assimilate.
  6. Peace is not good in global meaning.
  7. Women are good in the government posts.
  8. Europe gets a dark-skinned face.
  9. America loses power due to eccentric president.
  10. China is on the way to world domination.


  1. Victories in sports are bought and sold.
  2. The sport has long been a political one.
  3. Football changed the race.
  4. Doping is inseparable from professional sports.
  5. The scope of the sports popularization is insufficient.
  6. Every sport is a milliard sum of dollars.
  7. Modern Schools do not involve children in sports.
  8. F1 becomes more popularized.
  9. Sports advertising is one of the most expensive.
  10. Enmity between countries harms the sport.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Humanity created a ruined force like AI.
  2. People replace their own kind by the robots.
  3. Synths are a part of the 21st-century life.
  4. Machines solve the majority of human problems.
  5. The digital machine will never replace the human friendship.
  6. Artificial intelligence production is to be banned.
  7. People use AI for war purposes.
  8. AI damage the planet.
  9. AI appearance is an inevitable planet evolution.


  1. Technologies purify the human life.
  2. Progress is for the better.
  3. Technologies change every sphere of human life.
  4. Technological approaches lead the communication at the new level.
  5. Knowledge is easier to obtain thanks to modern technologies.
  6. Mobile phone production turned the world over.
  7. Smart houses are of great interest to cybercriminals.
  8. The quick progress of the digital world is not necessary.
  9. Energy freedom is achieved through modern technique options.
  10. Mobile communication has deprived people of tranquility.


  1. Economic crises bring the progress.
  2. Job chases people in other countries.
  3. World creditors may never return the money lent.
  4. Everybody wants to be prosperous.
  5. Inflation is budget damage.
  6. Corruption is the international disease.
  7. Migration is an economic factor.
  8. Students are encouraged by the governmental programs.
  9. Currency course is a reference measure of a national money
  10. The cryptocurrency is a fake.